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The beauty of the land


Venice is the city of carnival, the most famous carnival in Italy. The city is besieged by cheerful and colourful masks that swarm through the calli, the small squares, or in gondolas and on motorboats through the rii, the 158 canals that, connected by 400 arch-shaped bridges, meander through the 118 islets on which this unique city stands.

The ancient palaces have facades decorated with marble lace. In the theatres (as in the days of the great playwright Carlo Goldoni) shows are repeated. But Venice, a city of art and culture, is not only masked merriment. Just read the names of its water streets to dive into history.

The via delle marzarie (haberdasheries) reveals that centuries ago trade was flourishing here and the fondaci (warehouses) were filled with spices and textiles from the Orient, while in the frezzerie and spadarie artisans made arrows and swords.

St Mark's Square is a marble salon, enclosed by the façade of the Basilica, the Clock Tower and the buildings of the Procuratie, now housing museums and the Marciana Library. (The winged lion, with its paw resting on the Gospel, is the symbol of the evangelist Mark, patron of the city of Venice. But today's Venice is also beset by serious problems: large masses of tourists, pollution crumbling the buildings, the 'high' water of the lagoon invading squares and houses.