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Between Treviso and Venice

The Surroundings

There are many places that can be mentioned where one can taste typical food or retrace the history of great events as well as simply admire the view or go shopping among selected high-quality collections.


The capital of the 'marca' of the same name, Treviso is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating cities in the Veneto region and is well suited for a stay of a few days aimed at savouring the numerous delicacies that are cultivated and prepared here.

Among the typical products of Treviso one cannot fail to mention the radicchio but also the wines, sometimes true works of art created in historic cellars, which find their maximum expression here and offer products that are recognised the world over.

Also not to be missed are the city's various historical and architectural attractions, such as the Piazza dei Signori and the 14th-century Palazzo del Trecento, the Loggia dei Cavalieri, which make this town centre evocative and unique. The Pria Bridge is also atmospheric and the Latin Quarter and the University are symbols of the city. In addition to being a city of intense tourist attractions, Treviso is also an important manufacturing and industrial centre where many international companies are located.


Among the towns in the province of Treviso that can be easily reached from the BW Park Hotel San Donà is undoubtedly Monastier di Treviso, which is one of the towns with the most architectural heritage in the Marca. As many as eight Venetian villas, recognised and protected, can be found in the town.

Noventa di Piave

One of the most important commercial and industrial centres in the area surrounding San Donà is undoubtedly Noventa di Piave. As its name suggests, it is also located along the banks of the Piave River, which has influenced its development and growth as well as characterised its history.

Staying at the BW Park Hotel San Donà is undoubtedly ideal for those who have to attend training courses in Noventa di Pive or need a comfortable and functional location during